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Alto TS115A mk2 Active 800w PA Speaker

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Alto TS115A mk2  Active 800w PA Speaker
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Alto TS115A mk2  Active 800w PA Speaker
Alto TS115A mk2  Active 800w PA Speaker
Alto TS115A mk2  Active 800w PA Speaker
In Stock In Stock
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In Stock In Stock
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Alto TS115A mk2 Active PA Speakers are truly awesome and are available at the UK's lowest possible price right here at 

Combining fantastic build quality and superior audio, it is clear to see why Alto are taking the market by storm! Mobile DJ's, bands and live performers all love the sheer power and build quality offered by these truely exceptional speakers and, at this price, it isn't hard to see why. 

There really is not much to compare it to and when we did, we found that the TS-115A mk2 were without question, the best sounding of the lot!

Versatile Cabinet Design: All Truesonic 2-way speaker cabinets have been designed with versatility and longevity in mind. They feature a durable, lightweight polypropylene enclosure that is stand mountable for weekend gigs and flyable for more permanent installations. What's more, they have a trapezoidal design which greatly decreases the resonance of the standing wave in the cabinet for a more true and exact sound reproduction. The Truesonic TS115A is the perfect solution for musicians and DJs on the move and halls, malls, schools, houses of worship and more.

Total Transparency: The Truesonic Series was designed from the ground up to be the most transparent loudspeaker money can buy. Rigorous testing and thousands of hours of listening have gone into making sure that what you pump into a Truesonic speaker is exactly what you get out. Everything you see (and some things you don't) - from internal signal path and components used to the sculpted cabinet and meticulously designed waveguide - was developed in service of the principle of accurate, transparent sound.

Super Efficient Drivers: The drivers in the Truesonic TS115A are designed to make sure that virtually no energy is wasted. That translates to more of the power from the amplifier actually working to generate sound rather than heat, giving the speaker better real world performance than other speakers with comparable published specifications. The Truesonic TS115A offers a 15" LF driver (2" voice coil) and a 1" HF neodymium driver .

Modern amplifier design: Every active Truesonic speaker benefits from the use of a Class D amplifier integrated into the cabinet. Class D amps are generally lighter than Class A and AB amplifier designs, and offer more than enough power to provide your performance with plenty of punch. The Truesonic TS115 delivers with 800 Watts of power and offers a balanced combo jack (XLR/TRS) input with level control. Class D amplifiers are also highly efficient and run cooler than other kinds of amps so the amp doesn't have to work as hard to deliver your mix.

Hang 'em High: Optimal speaker placement can be challenging, especially if your speakers don't have what it takes to go anywhere. Whether you need to fly your speakers, pole mount or use them as floor monitors, Truesonic speakers are ready for you. All Truesonic speakers feature standard 36mm pole mounting insets on the bottom. If you need to fly them, it's no problem. The 10" Truesonic models come from the factory with four M10 rigging points, the 12" models come with five. Our 15" models come standard with six M10 rigging points. All these options make the Truesonic one remarkably venue-friendly speaker. Use them anywhere you need them. 

Just what you need: Whether you're performing at a coffee house, wedding, house of worship or other small to medium-sized venue, the Truesonic TS115A is a phenomenal choice. For example, it's easy to get your Truesonic speakers to the gig thanks to their carrying handles and lightweight design. Once you're there you won't need to be a live sound engineer to figure out how to EQ the speakers thanks to the built-in Contour EQ switch that can help adjust for those situations where need an EQ alternative for recorded music playback. When you're connecting everything, the Truesonic's dual XLR/combo inputs make easy work of your setup and each speaker's independent level controls give you the flexibility to dial everything in your way in seconds.

Full metal grille: You can never be too safe around the stage. We know stuff happens that you just can't predict. Sometimes it's the flying drumstick, a falling mic stand or worse. Every Truesonic speaker comes with a complete front grille from top to bottom that protects not only your low frequency driver, but your high frequency driver as well. With Truesonic speakers, you get extra peace of mind knowing that whatever comes at your sound system, we've got it covered, literally.

Buy these great Alto TS115A speakers in brand new or B-stock. The B-stock versions are naufacturer refurbished and in excellent condition. All B-stock speakers come complete with a 1 year warranty included for complete peace of mind!

Buy these class-leading speakers with confidence from the UK's largest Alto dealer with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are so confident that you will love these speakers as much as we do that if you are not happy, we will exchange them or give you a full refund.


  • Alto TS115A power rating 800 Watts of Class D power
  • 15" low frequency transducer, 1" neodymium driver
  • 2 Mic/Line combo inputs with independent volume controls
  • XLR output to link speakers
  • Lightweight, trapezoidal cabinet with handles
  • Used as a traditional upright loudspeaker or as floor wedge monitor
  • Stand/pole mountable or flyable
  • Clip Limiter with red LED
  • Ground Lift switch
  • Contour switch for increased EQ control
  • Accurate audience coverage, not just on-axis
  • Designed and tuned in the USA

Technical Specifications:

  • Transducer Low: 15" Woofer, with 2" voice coil
  • Transducer High: Neodymium compression driver, 1" exit with 1" voice coil
  • Power Amplification: 800 Watts peak (670 W LF + 130 W HF), 400 Watts continuous (335 W LF + 65 W HF)
  • Frequency Range: (-10 dB): 42 Hz -20 kHz
  • Frequency Response: (±3 dB): 53 Hz -19 kHz
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m: 126 dB peak, 123 dB continuous
  • -6 dB Nominal Coverage: (80° / 100° H x 60° V)
  • Active Crossover: 2.5 kHz
  • Connectors:  2 x Mic / Line Female XLR - 1/4" combo inputs, 1 x Loop - Out Male XLR
  • Input  Control: Line / Mic -∞ to +50 dB, Maximum input level +23 dBu , Input Impedance 15 kOhms
  • External Controls: Volume, Power switch with LED indicator, Clip/Limit LED, Ground Lift switch
  • Protection Features: Over-excursion, Thermal, Driver
  • AC Power: 100 VAC, or 110 - 120 VAC, or 220 - 240 VAC (50 / 60 Hz)
  • Enclosure: Trapezoidal, with floor monitor capability. Injection molded, polypropylene enclosure, with perforated steel grille
  • Mounting: Integrated pole-socket (36 mm dia.) Two handles, 6 M10 threaded sockets: 2 top, 2 bottom, 2 pullback
  • Alto TS115A Dimensions (WxLxH): 679mm x 430.3mm x 365mm
  • Alto TS115A Weight: 39 lb

Customer Reviews

Review by John Smith

Top quality sound from these speakers, very impressed. The B-stock was practically like brand new!

Review by Red Knight

Absolutely Fantastic. I also own some RCF 312A's and these sound just as good for about half the price!! bass response is awesome(you would think you had hooked up a sub!) THESE SPEAKERS ROCK ANY PARTY!

Review by darren hull

it says it all truesonic best sound i have had in a long time worth every penny

Review by darren hull

fantastic sound and red knight you are right but these are cheaper with deffo great bass response

Review by Jonny Jones

I am a mobile Dj and have owned a pair of these for about 6-7 months and I am truely amazed with them! Not once has the clip/limiter light come on and they get pumped HARD every weekend! The bass response is fantastic! All in All a great all round - Affordable Speaker!

Review by Adrian Lowes

What can I say about these speakers!!!. WOW. This is the first pair of active speakers I have bought. I have been in the business for 20 something years now and have always had passive wooden speakers. I was concerned about buying plastic cabinets as thought they would not sound as good. These Alto's have certainly proven that I had nothing to worry about. The sound is fantastic. I have various makes of speakers over the years and these are certainly the most powerful I have used and the bass response is just unbelievable from a 15" cabinet. I have previously used one of the Big HK Actor systems and to be honest I think the bass from these cabinets is as good if not better. Only tried them in the house so far but that is where I try everything and they are the best. If you are in doubt about these, don't be. Also the WBN staff are brilliant, gave great advice and fantastic service. These were supposed to be B Stock but were like new. Thanks

Review by Max Allen

These speakers are awesome. Best speakers for the money in my opinion. I would defiantly recommend these to any one and I am looking at getting the Alto Active Subs at some point.

Review by James - Big Fish

Simply amazing...! Bought these as had a big gig to cover and was pretty sure that the 220watt system i did have wouldnt hack it...! I had these at a decent level all night, kicking out lots of bass and didnt even flash into the clip zone! The condition of the speakers were as new, I bought B-stock. Again, WBN has come up trumps and I keeping coming back time and time again. Thanks for an amazing product, perfect customer service and friendly staff! Recommend the speakers and WBN to anybody and everybody!

Review by Jon B -

Bought 2 of these plus the 15" sub as our old PA was getting heavier as I get older. I was going to bu Mackie but the chap in store suggested these were 95% as good for 50% of the price - He was wrong...They sound better! The clarity is amazing and geebus it can go loud (but no audible distortion. I cannot recommend these enough...and my back is benefiting already.

Review by DJ Mike Music Masters

Fantastic speakers I have these with the Alto true sonic subs 15" respect your settings at 50 to 60 % and they will serve you well with no distortion

Review by Robin Loakes

Have just taken delivery of a pair of alto truesonic TS115 active speakers. what an awesome purchase, they are good quality sound and after researching nearly all active speakers on the market are very good value for the money. I would recommend this product to anybody looking to upgrade their pa system also the advice the WBN staff were helpful and gave very good advice when selling this product. will not hesitate to buy from WBN again

Review by Adrian

I am so impressed with them that I will be trading my Peavey Hisys 2RX speakers in to get an Alto sub to match. Although the bass on them is so good I probable don't need a sub for smaller venues.

Review by Robin Spencer-George

Very light and durable perfect for most of my needs. Makes a huge difference compared to the old carpeted speakers I used to lug around. Look very smart! Brilliant active speakers for the price. The sound is quality and clear with no distortion when run at the correct levels. Bought B-stock basically look brand new! Very impressive bass on them also A+++ Would definitely recommend to anyone whether a DJ,Venue or just want some quality speakers to blast your tunes out of at home!

Review by bruce storr

was using Mackie thumps but never really satisfied with sound, so having read all the positive reviews and got advice from sales staff I have now switched to the Altos, defo great sound but would not say any more power although they are advertised at 800w. Having said that I am happy with my purchase and have bought the subs as well.

Review by Alan

Bought a pair of these B stock. The usual fantastic customer service from the sales team. Now onto the speakers. These are seriously powerful and loud. Lightweight and nicely balanced to carry. I only put the volume up to 1/4 way and I could feel the power hitting me in the chest. I'm so glad I took why buy news advice and got then. Superb value for money.

Review by Anthony

I am so happy with these speakers! I have been using wooden cabinet speakers for years that weigh a tone so i couldn't believe my luck when I pulled these out the box and how light they were. I have just ordered a third Alto Ts115 to use at bigger venue's just because the value of these are so good!

Review by chris Vaughan

There's are very good will defently buy some subs as i like the low end but do handle well without very easy to carry best buy off whybuynew so far thank you very much guys

Review by Michael

Love these speakers! Sound is awesome, Bass is thumping, vocal's are crystal clear and for the price...Amazing. Highly recommend!

Review by DJ Mexican John

As a mobile DJ these speakers are great to use. They are light but well made and strong. They have good tone and sound levels with very good bass. I suggest these are great value and fit the bill for mobile and small/medium venues.

Review by Simon

I bought these speakers as an upgrade. These speakers have an amazing top quality sound and affordable ,I have bought lots of items from WBN and will carry on buying because of their excellent customer service and great products. Very pleased!

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