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MSEG Hoverboard Certification Documents

The Genuine M-SEG boards feature the best quality components, long lasting independent motors and genuine Samsung batteries.

A full 1 year UK warranty is included, with full UK backup & service provided. 

Our M-Seg units are built to the official hover-board specification. Certain aspects of the design have been improved for the European and UK markets.

The Jingnoo battery packs use Samsung battery cells & are CE certified. They are fused with current overload and overcharge protection. Each Jingnoo battery pack is subject to stringent 48 hour testing before installation at the factory.

The Jingnoo battery packs feature full protection boards with systems that feature overcharge and over-discharge control with short circuit protection; all battery packs have large plate Kingboard insulation.

MSEG Hoverboard Certification Documents
Declaration of Conformity