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MSEG Safety Information & UK Compliance page.

Due to the recent reports on counterfeit self-balancing scooters and hover-boards coming into the UK

We have felt it necessary to assure our customers that we are authorised distributors of the M-SEG scooter board in the UK.

The MSEG, MSEG-Sport & MSEG Stealth boards are built to EU specifications and conform to all current safety standards.

The MSEG board conforms to the EMC directive 2004/108/EC (CE Approved)

Certificate of Conformity No. ES150529341E

Test Standards:    EN6100-6-3:2007+A1:2011+ AC:2012

                                EN6100-3-2: 2014

                                EN6100-3-3: 2013

                                EN6100-6-1: 2007

Verification of Compliance:  (SGS)Test report No. SHEM151100424801

The battery packs installed in these units are supplied by Jingnoo;

Jingnoo Battery Pack 10S2PSTACK-22P (Samsung Cell)

Each Jingnoo battery pack uses Samsung battery cells.

The Jingnoo battery packs are CE certified. They are fused with current overload and overcharge protection.

Each Jingnoo battery pack is subject to stringent 48 hour testing before installation at the factory.

The Jingnoo battery packs feature full protection boards with systems that feature overcharge and over-discharge control with short circuit protection; all battery packs have large plate Kingboard insulation for fire .


The Chargers supplied with our units are matched to the battery and are CE & TUV approved;

TUV Cert No. N8A 15 07 92513 004

Tested TUV : EN 60335-1:2012/A11:2014, EN 62233:2008

EU declaration of conformity (CE approved)

Certificate of EMC Compliance (CE approved): NTEK-2015NT04161497E


The fuses Supplied in the UK Safety marked BSI Approved Plugs (License No. KM 39096) are  ASTA Licensed (Intertek) Licence No.1207


Whilst it is unusual for us to supply all our safety certification for individual products, we felt that in this case it was important and necessary to reassure our customers that we are supplying the Genuine and original product. Have followed all safety guidelines and procedures possible before bringing these products to the UK.

MSEG Safety Information & UK Compliance page.