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Chauvet DJ ILS - Integrated Lighting System: What's it all about?

Chauvet DJ ILS - Integrated Lighting System: What's it all about?

Chauvet has recently announced their ILS (Integrated Lighting System), a revolution in the lighting control world, finally taking the concept of MASTER-SLAVE to the next level. 

For the first time, you can create fully coordinated light shows across different fixture types without DMX. 

Using a GigBAR Move + ILS gives you complete control of any ILS-compatible fixtures both wired & wirelessly. 

The GigBar has been the most popular product across the whole range of Chauvet DJ products. The GigBAR Move + ILS does not replace the GigBar, it is in fact an addition to the range. 

There are a number of differences between the two and I’ll outline them below:

GigBAR Move+ILS 
Chauvet DJ ILS - Integrated Lighting System: What's it all about?

  • 32-Watt Moving Heads
  • Hex-Coloured pars
  • Large Cool-White LED strobes
  • RGB Laser Beam
  • RGBW Derbys

Let’s start with the moving heads, they have gone from 10W to 32W & the housing has been re-designed to look more like the intimidator spot range.  

The pars have been upgraded to HEX colour, the Derbys quad colour (RGBW). 

Whilst the strobes have been bumped up to 5W they have additionally introduced a larger lense, that gives you a tighter beam and therefore a more concentrated point source to spot through the fog/haze. 

Finally, at the top, in the centre, the laser now has fat beams technology to give a much wider spread on the laser itself, allowing for more impressive effects. 

What is the ILS part? 

Well the GigBAR Move + ILS essentially acts as a brain for the control system and will send information to all the other ILS fixtures to sync the show together. As it stands you must own a GigBAR Move +ILS to take advantage of the ILS feature in any particular fixture. 


If you’ve been on the road as a mobile DJ or lighting engineer over the past 15 years you will be familiar with the concept of MASTER-SLAVE. How does this differ you may ask? To put it simply ILS allows the synchronisation of different types of fixtures whereas MASTER-SLAVE typically only allows the sync of fixtures of the same type. 

So rather than having, for example, a pair of moving heads running in sync together and a set of 4 Par cans running in sync together but both types of fixtures essentially ignoring each other. The ILS system will glue all of these fixtures together, synchronising your whole set-up and taking the show to the next level. 

What about full DMX Control? 

Of course, you have historically been able to achieve synchronised shows across different fixture types when using full DMX programming, however, this is a relatively complex process and is known to cause a lot of confusion amongst those who are not trained in the field. One of the advantages of the ILS technology is that it does not actually use the DMX protocol and therefore the user does not need to have an existing knowledge of DMX, completely eliminating that slow learning curve & programing time investment typically associated with traditional DMX.

Connectivity & Control 

You can connect unlimited ILS-compatible fixtures to the GigBAR Move +ILS via either DMX cables or the D-Fi USB (sold separately). [IMG3335-L-R]

You can control your show via the RF remote (included) for easy control without the need for line of sight use. RF means it operates on radio frequencies rather than the IRC remote that relied on Infrared which meant it needed to be pointed very directly at the device in question. You also have a much longer range which means that you can walk all about the venue without losing signal & therefore control of your device.  

The remote is able to pair to a specific unit, so if somebody else has an RF remote in the vicinity they won't be able to hijack control of your rig. The remote does give you full manual control over each effect, for instance, if you want to turn off your moving heads you can do so easily without stopping the whole show or switching to another.  


In order to get your ILS fixtures set up, you first need to choose a connection type, wireless or wired.

If going wireless you need to enable the D-FI in the settings and select a D-FI channel. 

On the GigBAR Move+ILS: [IMG3334-L-R]

  • Main Menu > Setup > DFI > ON
  • Main Menu > Setup > DFI Channel > (Select channel 1-16)

Then simply select your program type, you can select pre-set shows, auto or sound activation modes to get the party fully in sync. 

Next, you’ll need to move over to the fixtures you would like to link with your ILS system. 

Each ILS-compatible fixture has a USB port on the back for the D-FI USB stick (sold separately) that you can slot your D-FI USB into. You’ll need to ensure that the D-FI USB has the same channel set as the GigBAR Move +ILS.

Cycle through the menu options on the fixture until you get to ILS, press enter and select your ILS mode. 

ILS Mode

The ILS mode allows you to choose which half of the GigBar Move + ILS the specific fixture will follow. For example, fixtures situated to the left of the GigBar Move + ILS would want to copy the left-hand side of the bar and vice versa fixtures on the right copy the right-hand side. Of course, if both sides are doing the same then the ILS mode is moot.

  • Modes 1 & 3 will sync with the left-hand side. 
  • Modes 2 & 4 will sync with the right-hand side.

Note: Laser effects will sync with the laser and the strobe effects with the strobe regardless of ILS mode. 

If you are going for a wired set up then you simply daisy chain the fixtures together using DMX cable, out from the GigBAR Move + ILS into the next fixture, rinse and repeat. 

That’s it, all you need to do to create fantastic synchronised shows at the push of a button. 

Here at WhyBuyNew we are really excited about this development and think that this could well be the next big thing for mobile DJs. Check out the available products below and be sure to give our experts a call on 01206 855 010 if you have any questions.

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