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Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!

Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!

Equinox’s “Fusion” range of lights has been re-released into MK3 versions. Having been out of stock for some time it's great to see these return to the market. 

We give a rundown & review of the new fixtures below!!!


Equinox Fusion Spot MK3

This one is the most affordable (branded, we all know what those dodgy unbranded Chinese fixtures are like) moving head spot on the market. Lighting up the stage with a 12W LED this one is perfect for beginners and those on a budget. It’s got 7 laser cut gobo’s plus open and a colour wheel that uses 7 colours plus open. The unit has a 13° beam angle, so it’s not going to cover as wide an area as some of the more pro-level fixtures however it’s got more than enough spread to add a little excitement to any mobile DJ’s dance floor. 

With a very minimal power draw of 27w, this one isn't going to overload your outlets although it is worth noting that it only has power in rather than in & out so you will need to run a separate power cable to each fixture.  

The Fusion Spot Mk3 is of course fully DMX compatible so should you wish to get a bit more from the fixture you can link it up to a DMX controller or software to take your shows to the next level. If DMX isn’t really your bag then you can just use the built-in shows in either auto/sound active mode and even has specific forward facing shows. You can even link them to both of the fusion scanners in the range. 

Compatable Bag (Fits 4): EQLED342

Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!


Equinox Fusion Spot MAX MK3

The Fusion Spot Max is the second moving spot in the Fusion range, this uses the same houseing as the previous model, with the same DMX in/out & power in. 

It' got a 30W LED so is going to cut through a bit brighter than the Spot Mk3, with 7 gobos + open and a 7 colour, colour wheel. 

Compatable Bag (Fits 4): EQLED342

Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!

Equinox Fusion Spot XP MK3

The Fusion Spot XP is the final moving spot in the Fusion range, housed in the same case as the Fusion Spot Mk3 & the Fusion Spot MAX Mk3 but this time with an even brighter 50w LED, again with 7 gobos + open and a 7 colour, colour wheel. 

This fixture is essentially identical to the last two simply with that brighter LED, so again full DMX control with both in & out and power in.  

If you want to link up these fixtures with some others for a more synchronised show without DMX you can connect them via master slave to either the Fusion Scan MAX or the Fusion Roller MAX.  

Compatable Bag (Fits 4): EQLED342


Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!



Equinox Fusion Scan MAX MK3

The next fixture on our list is the Fusion Scan MAX MK3, this is a 30W white LED moving mirror fixture. Once again (this seems to be a recurring theme) the unit has 7 gobos & 7 colours. 

The Fusion Scan MAX has 3 selectable speeds that can be applied to each of the pre-programmed light shows so you can match the speed to suit the type of event you are playing. 

Scanners are similar to moving heads in that they throw a spotlight, however, they tend to move a bit faster so can be used to create interesting effects. Remember that these types of fixtures are 10x better with a bit of haze or smoke in the air as you can then see the beam cutting through the air. 

Unlike the other fixtures, we have discussed this one does have power in and out as well as the DMX in & out for full DMX control.  

Compatible bag (Fits 2): EQLED330

Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!



Equinox Fusion Roller MAX MK3

This is another scan type fixture, however, this one utilises a mirror roller rather than a flat mirror. Again a 30W LED is used to give a crisp clear spot than can be thrown across a dance floor, with an 11° beam angle. 

Like its cousin the Fusion Scan MAX MK3, this one is fully DMX controllable with power in & out so you only have to run a single cable and can daisy chain to other fixtures with IEC-IEC cables.

Both of these fixtures can link with the Fusion Spot & the Fusion Spot XP for those synchronised movements. 

Compatible bag (Fits 2): EQLED330

Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!

Equinox Fusion 50 MK3

The Fusion 50 Mk3 is a slightly different moving fixture, this is a moving wash rather than a spot or scanner. This means it throws a wash of colour over an area, similar to a Parcan but it also moves to create a bit more interest. Coming in at a modest 10w this isn't the brightest of the fixtures, but due to its nature as a wash, it does not need to be as bright as it is not outputting a spot.   

This one is a 14 channel fixture so you can get a great level of control with a DMX system.  

By far the most affordable fixture that we have looked at today, coming in under £100 this is perfect for mobile DJs just starting out. Especially impressive considering that it is RGBW which means it can shine a bright and clear white as well as red, green & blue. 

Compatable Bag (Fits 4): EQLED342

Equinox Fusion MK3ís coming soon!!