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New Standalone Maschine+ announced! Producing & Performing with no computer!!

New Standalone Maschine+ announced! Producing & Performing with no computer!!

The new Maschine+ takes Native Instrument’s Maschine workflow and integrates it into a single standalone unit. It comes with a number of software features including Maschine+ Selection, effects, expansions and 8 gigabytes of instrument packs, which include drum kits, instruments, synths, loops and more. The included library includes many of NI’s well-known instruments like MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM, and KONTAKT.

This unit is the first embedded product from Native, essentially bringing the company’s renowned instruments, effects, and sounds into an entirely hardware-based workflow. The Maschine+ is being touted as a powerful flexible ‘groovebox’ that can be operated fully independently from a computer.

Musicians can develop fledgling ideas into performance-ready pieces with arranging and mixing tools – both with or without a computer.  

In addition to its classic groovebox workflow, MASCHINE+ packs an industry-leading collection of instruments, effects, and thousands of sounds with MASCHINE+ Selection. Heavyweight synths like MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM, and FM8 join a lineup that includes the MASCHINE Factory Library, RAUM, PHASIS, and five Expansions, plus a voucher for two more. 

A quad core processor and 4 GB dual channel DDR3L RAM power fast, spontaneous creation, to deliver a huge amount of freedom and flexibility when making music. Obviously, being standalone, the Maschine+ has significant potential as a performance device. There is also support for Ableton Link, the syncing technology that’s built into many iOS apps and some desktop software. And then the MIDI presets  of which 128 of them are included, each designed to work with a specific hardware synth. The factory library is installed to the internal eMMC storage, while all Expansions and projects have to go on an SD card. A 64GB card comes supplied and you can replace this with a card of up to 1TB in size, so long as it’s fast enough.

For those producers who require the Maschine+ to be integrated into a computer-based workflow, with your DAW of choice that is still an option; as there’s a controller mode too

MASCHINE+ will hit stores on October 1, 2020, and pre-orders are open now