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Pioneer Unveil the VM-Series Active Monitors

Pioneer Unveil the VM-Series Active Monitors

We recently unboxed and reviewed Pioneer’s latest offering of compact powered monitor speakers, the stylish VM-50. The VM-50 is set to be the replacement for the current SDJ monitors and in our recent review we looked at some of the key differences between the S-DJ and VM models and how Pioneer DJ’s latest offering measures up.

The compact monitor sector has some series competition and the VM-50 has to tick a number of key boxes if it is to compete with the likes of the Yamaha HS5, Adam Audio T5V and the latest incarnation of KRK’s mainstay the RP4 G4. The monitor we reviewed for the latest GetintheMix video was the VM-50-W which is the version fitted with the 5.25inch bass driver and has the cabinet finished in white, the VM range of monitors also includes a 6.25 inch version (the VM-70) and are also available in black.

One of the first things we noticed about the VM-50 is the distinctive looks. With a notably different shape to the current SDJ models and a distinctive geometric aluminium facia. With a stylish, brushed metal finish, Pioneer tell us that this isn’t just a stylish embellishment to the VM-50 (and across the VM range) but the aluminium front panel actually serves to reduce resonance at low-end frequencies tightening bass response. There’s no doubt though that, regardless of the acoustic benefits, the brushed aluminium gives these new monitors a striking modern look.

One of the most notable differences between the new VM range and the current, outgoing S-DJ models is the addition of a full DSP for both high and low frequencies. This certainly makes the VM-50 a very versatile active monitor when compared to the SDJ equivalent. Whilst we always liked the S-DJ50, the lack of DSP and a dynamic, bass-heavy profile definitely made them more suitable to DJ use rather than for studio or production applications. The inclusion of a DSP including a ‘flat’ option make the Pioneer VM range more suitable for studio use. Only time will tell if the DJ branding and Pioneer’s heritage and reputation in this area will alienate the production market, particularly with established alternatives such as KRK’s Rokit-series having somewhat of a stronghold in this market. A further nod to Pioneer’s nightclub legacy can be found in the, aptly-named, ‘club bass’ profile on the DSP which will appeal to those using these in a home DJ setup.

Despite its compact form, the VM-50 active monitors from Pioneer are packed with features. In addition to the full DSP, they also offer both XLR and, unbalanced, RCA inputs alongside auto standby and active gain control. The VM range are also rear-ported unlike their predecessors where the bass port was on the front of the speakers. Continuing their love of superlatives, Pioneer has called their unique, ribbed bass port the ‘Vortex Bass Accelerator’, it’s a name than means business that’s for sure.

You can checkout the full video review and unboxing at the GetintheMix YouTube channel or buy your VM-50’s today online at with fast delivery and the lowest price guaranteed. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team on 01206 855010.