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Why The Alesis DM10MKII Pro Is One Of The Best Affordable Drum Kits On The Planet!

The Alesis DM10MKII Pro


It’s huge! With 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, 3 cymbals and a total of 10 pads mounted on a generous 1.5” chrome rack, it’s one of the biggest e-drum kits you can buy at any price. Perfect for those huge 80s tom fills! 

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In contrast to other electric kits from Alesis, the Pro version's pads are much larger, giving it the feel of a proper acoustic kit. 

As the kit is adjustable you can make it as wide or not as need be by adjusting the stand. 


It’s expressive – with a triple-zone chokeable ride cymbal, chokeable dual-zone crashes and dual-zone mesh drums you’ll be able to use all of your favourite techniques, just as you would on an acoustic kit. Rimshots, buzz rolls and cymbals grabs? No problem!

It is important to remember that the pads respond differently based on how hard you hit them. The sound of the snare drum will be quiet if you tap it, whereas if you hit it forcefully, you will get a loud, full sound. This is referred to as velocity sensitivity and means that your playing sounds more realistic.  

Using a drum key, you can adjust the tension of each pad, just as you would with a regular drum. Playing with higher tension will result in more stick bounce giving you further ability to use expressive playing techniques.

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It’s powerful – the onboard sound library has over 700 in-demand sounds, the USB connection can carry audio as well as MIDI so you can easily collaborate, and by using a USB stick you can play audio backing tracks, or even record your playing as audio on the module without needing a laptop! 

There are a variety of processing parameters you can adjust within the module for those who would like to dive a little deeper into the sound, including reverb, compression, pitch, and more.


A fun and effective way to practice with Alesis Drums, Melodics helps you improve your timing and expand your drum vocabulary. The DM10MKII Pro now comes with 60 free lessons when you register through Melodics. 

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  1. Buy any Alesis Drum Kit from our website or In-Store
  2. Register your kit via the Alesis website.
  3. You will receive a promo code that can be used on the melodics site, this will be found in your user account after registration.
  4. Head over to the Melodics website and download Melodics for FREE.
  5. Install Melodics and enter your promo code during the signup process
  6. You're all ready to go. 


It’s customisable – in addition to the premium onboard content, you can load up to 99 of your own sounds, in standard stereo WAV format. You can even layer these to make custom instruments, and save them on the module to create your own unique sound palette.

There is an adjustment knob on the Alesis mesh heads, which allows drummers to customize the response to their specific playing style. 

The snare pad and tom pad have dual zones, so depending on how you strike them, you'll hear two different sounds. In this case, the rim will play one sound, and the mesh head will play another.

If you are an experienced drummer who wants to program drum kits with a variety of sounds, dual-zone drums are a great choice for you. Additionally, they enhance the playing experience by adding realism.

All Rounder

It’s the perfect all-rounder – for performance, practice and recording you have the pad set, the features and the sound quality you need to tick all the boxes.

The DM10 MKII is an excellent choice for musicians seeking affordable gear or for those who want an upgrade from Surge Mesh and Nitro Mesh.

Considering the size of the pads and the drum module, the price is exceptional. The feeling of playing it reminds me of playing an acoustic drum set. 



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