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Active Speakers

Active PA Speakers & Studio Monitors

Here you will find all the most popular brands and models of active PA speakers & studio monitors such as Alto, Electrovoice, KRK, Alesis, Cerwin-Vega, Mackie, Pioneer DJ and much more, all at the UK's keenest prices and with a first class after sales service to match.

What are active PA Speakers?

A common question asked is 'what is the difference between active and passive speakers'. Well, with 'active' or otherwise known as 'powered' speakers as apposed to 'passive', they have an amplifier incorporated so you can simply connect your input source such as a mixer, straight into the rear of the cabinet and away you go! No need for a separate amplifier with all those extra cables. This type for PA speaker has now become by far the most popular for the modern mobile DJ or performer.


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Active Disco speakers, Active PA Speakers and Active DJ Speakers. Find here our huge range of all the most popular brands of Active Speakers, also known as Powered speakers. They all have a built-in amplifier meaning that they can be connected directly to mixing consoles or sound sources without the need for an external amp. Some advantages of active speakers are that they avoid speaker-to-amplifier matching, limiting is in-built and they require less cabling. Check out our cheapest UK prices on Mackie, Alto, Yamaha, KRK, Alesis and more from your number one dealer. This type of speaker is becoming more and more popular with no more carrying around extra equipment such as a power amplifier as now, you can connect your mixer straight to the back via XLR, Jack or RCA and away you go. Each Active PA Speaker is matched for power from the amp to drive units so no more incompatibility issues.