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Thursday 16th May 2013

So...You Wanna Be a DJ? (Part 1 : Intro)

So...You Wanna Be a DJ? (Part 1 : Intro)

So...You wanna be a DJ?

So...You Wanna Be A DJ? (Part 1 : Intro)Everyone has their own reason for starting DJ'ing. Whether you enjoy entertaining and makeing peoples night better, have a love of music that you want to share or just like to test your skills and challenge yourself to put together seamless mixes.

Obviously your motivation to start DJ'ing will effect the type of DJ you will become. If you're a born entertainer then you may be considering setting up a mobile disco, if you love a particular music genre then you'll probably picture yourself in the DJ booth of a club, if it's all about the skills then you may want to practice at home and record your mixes.

Consequently. the type of DJ you become will determine the equipment you need, for example, if your aim is to DJ in clubs and bars then you won't need to invest in lighting but will have to concentrate on picking up the latest music before its' general release.



So...You Wanna Be A DJ? (Part 1 : Intro)




In this series of guides we will look at the best way of starting out in certain types of DJ'ing and what gear you will need (and what you won't.

In the meantime, if you need any advice of buying your DJ equipment or have any other questions then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly, knowlegable sales team on 01206 845125.

Coming Up : Part 1 - So You Wanna Be a...Club DJ