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Wednesday 19th December 2012

Making light work of heavy amps

Making light work of heavy amps

I’ve been doing mobile discos now on-and-off for the last 12 years and there are only a handful of things I still dread when going to a gig. Getting there only to realise you have left one small (yet vital) lead behind, being given 3-foot square and about 10 minutes to setup in and of course the mother-of-the bride standing next to the speakers then complaining about how loud it is. But one thing I dread more than any other is lugging my amps about.

Making light work of heavy amps You see, about 3 years ago I decided to protect my 2 power amps by fitting them in a smart, heavy-duty rack mount flightcase. The only problem with this is that they now weigh around 50kg and, if that seems heavy at the beginning of the night, just wait until you’ve played 5 hours to a crowd of drunken revellers. Luckily for me (and for every other mobile DJ, gigging band and live performer out there) Citronic have come up with a solution.

Citronic 19” Trolley Rack Case does exactly what the time would suggest. It is a 19” rack case that has a handle and wheels so you can wheel it along like a suitcase. I purchased a 6U version so now I can put my sound processors in there too and have even less to carry.

Rack Trolley Case also has front and rear doors which not only keeps the amps cool but provides easy access for the cables. You can even leave some of your audio cables plugged in cutting down even more on setup time and maybe even one less trip to the car.

Making light work of heavy amps Citronic 19” trolley rack case really is one prayer answered for anyone looking to make light work of heavy amplifiers…now if they could just do something about the drunken requests for thrash metal we’d be home and dry!