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Monday 08th July 2013

Booking a wedding DJ - A Guide for Brides-to-Be

Booking a wedding DJ - A Guide for Brides-to-Be

Booking a wedding DJ - A Guide for Brides-to-BeWhen you are arranging a wedding there is so much to conside...Dress, cake, venue, flowers, the list goes on and on. Booking the DJ for the evening reception is often treated as an after-thought. He's a brief, tounge-in-cheek, guide to ensuring your wedding disco doesn't become a disaster.

1. Don’t go for the cheapest quote, if your caterers were offering to feed your guests for £3-a-head you wouldn’t expect gourmet food would you?

2. The disco is the last part of your ‘big day’ and therefore will be the only thing remembered by some of your guests

3. A good DJ will cause you guests to get up, dance and sing before going home drunk, tired and happy.

4. A bad DJ will cause your guests to sit down, drink up and yawn before going home bored and early.

5. You may want to give off an ‘Uber-Cool’ vibe but remember ,your guests probably won‘t dance to Bob Dylan or Morrissey

6. When planning your wedding please allow the DJ more than five-minutes to set up.

7. Try not to restrict the DJ too much. Telling a DJ that they can’t play ‘cheese’ or party songs is like telling a builder to build a house without using bricks or cement.

8. Most DJ’s love requests but please be specific. Requests to play “something good”, “something we can dance to” or “anything but this” are not requests..they’re insults.

9. Finally...Remember to thank the DJ if they did a good job. You’ll probably be tucked up in bed while they’re still winding up leads and wondering where they put their car keys.