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Wednesday 02nd January 2013

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style!

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style!

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style! Picture the scene…you’re in the pub having a quiet chat with your mates. Suddenly you’re deafened by the most inappropriate tune blaring from the Jukebox ; Some gangster rap when a table of pensioners are enjoying their  Sunday roast, thrash metal when you’re trying to get the barmans attention or worse, MUCH worse than any of this…bloody Gangnam Style!

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style! Despite this common problem, the Jukebox remains  a steady fixture in pubs up and down the country. Why? Because it gives the punters a chance to play their choice of tunes (regardless of taste or appropriateness) rather than what the landlord likes.

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style! With the birth of the iPad, it’s no surprise that Jukebox apps have been a firm favourite amongst music lovers who want to recreate the intuitive interface of a modern touch-screen Jukebox. This modern approach to Jukeboxes gives far more variety and control than the old-style vinyl or CD type but there is no denying that they lack the classic style of a 1940’s Wurlitzer.

ION Audio’s Jukebox Dock combines classic Wurlitzer styling, simple iPad integration and a good quality sound in a compact iPad/iPod dock allowing you to enjoy a truly retro Jukebox experience in your own home (but without the dodgy 1940’s music!).

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style! Jukebox dock is suitable for iPad, iPhone and iPod and will even charge your device while it is docked. The Jukebox cabinet is made of real wood with illuminated multi-coloured trim for a truly authentic look. Jukebox dock is compatible with all Jukebox apps and also with iTunes meaning you don’t have to install any special software and can be up and running in minutes.

Jukebox Dock - Modern Technology...Retro Style! Jukebox dock houses 10w stereo speakers so, despite its’ compact size, it packs a punch and will have you up and dancing around your living room (or maybe not).  Perfect for any room of the house or for letting your guests pick the music at your next house party, Jukebox dock is a modern yet beautifully retro way to listen to all your favourite tunes.