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Monday 07th January 2013

Name That DJ...

Name That DJ...

Just a bit of fun for a Monday. Can you name the following 12 DJs from the anagrams below. Rearrange the letters to make the names of a dozen famous DJ’s past and present.

Can you get all 12? Good luck and, when you’re ready, scroll down for the answers:

Name That DJ...












  1. Pete Tong

  2. David Guetta

  3. Jam Master Jay

  4. Grandmaster Flash

  5. Armin Van Buuren

  6. Tiesto

  7. Danny Rampling

  8. Adam Beyer

  9. Eats Everything

  10. Steve Angello

  11. Richie Hawtin

  12. Loco Dice




How many did you get?...

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