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Thursday 23rd May 2013

Bright shiny balls and why you need them in your life...

Bright shiny balls and why you need them in your life...

[img483-S-R]A little while ago now I bought you an article about the evolution of lighting effects (and incredibly, it was a lot more interesting than it sounds!). It started with the question “what’s the oldest type of lighting effect?”

Well, as it turns out, the oldest type of disco light is one that’s still going today…the humble mirrorball.

Although traditional mirrorballs are still a popular fixture to this day, increasingly, their legacy is being continued with LED-powered mirror ball effects. The principle is simple, instead or shining a light onto a reflective ball, the beams project outwards to create a mirrorball effect but with a more even coverage and no need for additional fixtures.

[img480-S-L]So…why are we going on and on about mirrorballs? The Fortune FX Ball…that’s why! This has to be one of the best value, brightest and most impressive LED mirrorball effects we have ever seen here at whybuynew and we’re practically giving them away!

At the moment you can SAVE NEARLY 40% on the FX Fortune Ball at whybuynew.co.uk. 18w of LEDs make this RGB, DMX controllable LED centrepiece effect incredibly bright and perfect for a number of portable and installation applications.

[img481-S-R]Buy the Neo Neon Fortune Mirrorball 18W FX LED RGB mirrorball effect TODAY from whybuynew and save £27.04 against the RRP. But this isn’t a one-off bargain…for great deals on literally HUNDREDS of DJ and disco lighting effects, head on over to our lighting section.

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