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Monday 31st December 2012

GO anywhere lighting

GO anywhere lighting

GO anywhere lighting American DJ have clearly been listening to the demands of mobile DJs and are trying to solve one of their most common complaints. Admittedly there’s nothing they can do about the drunk bloke insisting he’s a DJ and wants to ‘have a go’ or the girl trying to sing her request (very badly) to you but they may just have come up with something even better…wireless lighting.

We all know the feeling, you arrive at the venue and have a stupidly short amount of time to setup. The bride wanted uplighting so you desperately hunt around for plug sockets trying to hide the cables as you go, knowing there will be plenty of people just waiting to trip over them later on. You end up with fixtures haphazardly spaced wherever you can put them and wires tucked under the edge of the carpet or taped to the floor.

GO anywhere lighting American DJ’s GO series is a revolution in mobile LED lighting and a breath of fresh air for gigging DJ’s. Powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery, each ‘Go’ fixture can be mounted or placed anywhere and run for upto 8 hours off a single charge. Imagine a parcan, wash or blacklight with no wiring that could just be switched on and left.

Go lighting fixtures are perfect for uplighting, backlighting and washing applications but can also be used as an effective lighting effect for mobile disco. One minute you can be providing subtle uplighting during the meal or the best mans’ speech then, with the flick of a switch, you can be rocking the room with a bright, dynamic and colourful lightshow.

GO anywhere lighting Mega Go and Jelly Go lighting effects can be used with the ADJ’s WR LED RC wireless handheld remote control. Perfect for larger rooms, you can now power and control all of your lights completely wirelessly. Imagine being able to co-ordinate your dancefloor and uplighting to flood the room in colour with no wiring whatsoever, now it’s possible with American DJ’s Mega Go series.

Go one stage further with ADJ WiFlex wireless DMX system. Transmit full DMX-512 signals completely wirelessly from the DJ booth. One DMX transmitter can be linked to any number of receivers so even the biggest room can be filled with a fully controlled intelligent lightshow without running miles of cables.

GO anywhere lightingAmerican DJ are continuing to expand the wireless range with the Mega Go Par and Mega Go Bar being joined recently by the Jelly Go Par and, a completely wireless blacklight effect, the LED UV Go.

GO anywhere lighting Mobile DJ’s rejoice, the future of versatile lighting is here thanks to American DJ and, as always, you will get the best deal on all American DJ lighting right here at WhyBuyNew.co.uk