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Wednesday 19th December 2012

Lasers : The Next Generation

Lasers : The Next Generation

Lasers. They only really come in two forms don’t they?

Lasers : The Next Generation You’ve got your cluster-type lasers that create hundreds and hundreds of ‘stars’ or miniature gobos that fill your walls and dancefloor. They generally feature sound-to-light operation making them quick-and-easy to setup and use and don’t require any fancy controllers. Cluster lasers also cover a larger area than traditional geometric or animation lasers so are good for filling larger venues. Also, with the increase in the number of venues which don’t allow the use of smoke and haze effects, cluster lasers create a good effect with or without smoke (although with smoke these lasers look amazing with hundreds of pin-sharp laser beams filling the air).

Lasers : The Next Generation Secondly you have your geometric or animation lasers. These are the ones you see in nightclubs that make tunnels, flat beams and can even create words or images, this type of lasers are a far more diverse bunch. From the popular Equinox Orion which is perfect for mobile discos and small venues to the phenomenal Apache which offers full RGB colour and animation capability. Some of the larger lasers can even be integrated with specialist software to create your own text and animations for stunning custom shows.

So, they’re your only two options...NOT anymore.

2013 sees a new breed of laser effects that promise to combine the stunning effects of a traditional laser with the dynamic floor-filling capability only normally associated with a scanner or moving head effect.

Lasers : The Next Generation American DJ were first on the scene with their X-Move Laser 30 geometric and Galaxian move cluster moving head lasers. This breakthrough effects saw two of ADJs most popular lasers cleverly integrated into a 540° pan/ 220° Tilt moving head fixture. For the first time you laser effect can move smoothly around the venue either in stand-alone mode or fully DMX controlled for an intelligent and professional laser show. These fixtures are perfect for installation in nightclubs or bars.

Lasers : The Next GenerationMobile DJs are in for a treat too with the latest XY-series of scanning lasers from lighting experts KAM. This range of 3 compact, portable fixtures (GBC, RGY, RBP) house a range of scanning laser effects which will pan and tilt a vibrant multicolour laser show across your dancefloor (similar to traditional halogen scanners). These new and innovative effects come courtesy of new MSP technology which allow these lasers to be used in a safe way.

So there you have it, the next generation of lasers, visit our comprehensive laser section today or call our friendly team on 01206 855010 and let us find the perfect laser for your next event.