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Friday 10th May 2013

Lighting Control - A brief guide (Intro)

Lighting Control - A brief guide (Intro)

Lighting Control - A brief guide (Intro) Just by muttering the letters “D-M-X” you can strike fear into the hearts of most mobile DJ’s. The idea of endless programming, 512 channels, faders, buttons, scenes and steps can be all too much for a lot people. This explains why nearly every lighting effect for sale today has internal programmes which can be run in auto or sound active modes.

Trust me, it needn't be like this.

Just think for a minute how amazing it would it be if you could create a lightshow that matches your music? Imagine playing “Yellow” and filling the room with moving yellow beams or “Purple Rain” and washing the walls in purple or something by Blue and…actually, on second thoughts, you can give that a miss.

Lighting Control - A brief guide (Intro) Think back to the last wedding you were at. Was the first dance accompanied by a serene sea of ambient colours and pure white beams or by a load of coloured light blobs having an uncontrolled fit all across the dancefloor? Sadly, from experience, my guess would be the latter. This is because, so often, mobile DJ’s will adhere to the ‘plug it in and leave it’ principle when it comes to their lighting. This is such a shame as, with proper control, lighting can add as much to the atmosphere of an event as the music you play.

I’m writing this short series of articles primarily for the benefit of mobile DJs. If you a club DJ then the chances are you will be lucky enough to have a light jockey on hand to take care of the lightshow for you (as well as getting you drinks, taking requests and anything else you don’t really fancy doing).

Lighting Control - A brief guide (Intro) These articles will give you an insight into the different types of lighting controllers available and when/how to use them. I will look at everything from the incredibly simple “light goes on, light goes off” type to the “Wow, look at all those buttons” type used to create the multi-million pound lightshows you see on the likes of X-Factor (not TOTALLY necessary for uncle Fred’s 70th birthday at a working mans’ club in Bolton).

So, if you’re a mobile DJ or other live performer, own a venue or just want to find out a bit more about lighting control then keep checking back on our news page as hopefully all will be revealed. In the meantime, why not check out our range of lighting controllers for yourself or get advice on the right one for you by calling our helpful sales guys on 01206 855010.

Lighting Control - A brief guide (Intro)


Coming Up : Part 1 – Basic Controllers

To be continued…