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Thursday 09th May 2013

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software In the final part of this series on lighting control I take a look at the relatively modern concept of DMX software. Lighting software is increasingly being used to control large numbers of lighting fixtures and it can offer a much more ‘user-friendly’ interface than traditional lighting controllers and desks.

The setup is simple, you connect your PC or MAC via USB to a small interface box which converts the USB signal to a DMX one, you then connect the interface to the first lighting fixture in the chain…Sound simple…it is!

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software If you’ve ever been involved in DMX programming then the benefits of using software will be immediately apparent. Complex and meaningless channel numbers and fader positions are replaced with intuitive graphical readouts, confusing programming processes are replaced with simple mouse and keyboard commands and a near-endless amount of sequences and programmes can be created quickly and easily.

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software At WhyBuyNew.co.uk we currently stock 2 of the best-selling DJ software/hardware packages on the market today.  KAM DMX Player uses USB 2.0 for fast signal processing meaning latency-free programming. The interface is compact and simple to use making it perfect for mobile DJ and band applications. The software is compatible with PC or MAC and is very intuitive to use.

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software American DJ MY DMX was one of the first mainstream DMX software packages that made this new technology accessible to the mass-market. MyDMX has recently been replaced by the, imaginatively titled, My DMX 2.0 which has upgraded the original interface to USB 2.0 but also includes highly-evolved programming software.

Lighting Control Part 3 - DMX Lighting Software The DMX software with MyDMX 2.0 features a huge library of lighting fixtures including all popular makes of moonflowersscannersmoving heads and lasers negating the lengthy process of manually adding fixtures to your lightshow (My-DMX 2.0 will even instruct you on what DMX address to set each light). Programming impressive and elaborate lightshows step-by-step is a breeze and brings the power of DMX programming firmly into the domain of the mobile DJ.

Many mobile DJ’s are ‘going digital’ and swapping their CD decks for a controller and laptop. If you have recently done this then the chances are you have ditched your old, trusty laptop in favour of a shiny new one. Why not put your old laptop to the best possible use, invest in some DMX lighting software this year and bring your disco to life.