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Tuesday 15th January 2013

The best value LED Par Bar by far...

The best value LED Par Bar by far...

The best value LED Par Bar by far... LED ParBars have been around for a few years now and have proved incredibly popular with all-types of mobile entertainers from mobile DJ’s to solo performers to gigging bands.

The principle is very simple, four LED panels are mounted on a pre-wired crossbar. This bar fits on a tripod stand making the ParBar possibly the quickest way to setup a complete lightshow. Most ParBar models can be DMX controlled and all come with their own foot pedal controller which enables quick-and-easy programme changes or control over blackout and strobe.

The best value LED Par Bar by far... Now there is a new kid on the block which promises to bring this ever-popular lighting system to the masses. The Neo Neon Partybar V2 offers a complete lighting package for mobile DJ’s, bands and even house parties and comes brand-new and delivered for less than £150.

The PartyBar V2 still offers all the features you would expect from a ParBar including, a complete system with stands, sturdy carry bags for both the tripod and light bar, foot pedal controller and all the leads you need. The only difference between other PartyBar models and the Neo Neon PartyBar V2 is the price.

The best value LED Par Bar by far... Check out the full details of this great lighting kit HERE and order the LED PartyBar V2 at the lowest UK price only at whybuynew.co.uk