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Friday 13th January 2017

ADAM Release S Series Studio Monitors

ADAM Release S Series Studio Monitors

The Best Just Got Better!

Already one of leaders in professional studio monitoring, ADAM have just released a new flagship range of studio reference monitors for the top-end of the market, the S Series.  Crafted to perfection, from years of experience but while still utilising modern day design techniques (and priced accordingly), the S Series introduces 5 new monitor models of increasing size:  S2V, S3H & S3V and the S5v & S5H (V = stands vertically and H = Horizontal).

Re-designed from the ground up, the S Series is fitted with innovative new sub woofers, mid range drivers and all new waveguides for the ribbon tweeters (and mid range drivers on the S5s).  The woofer on the S2V, the smallest model is 7" and will go as low as 35Hz, so still packs a punch and the largest S5H houses two 10" woofers for low end, has a frequency response of 24Hz to 50KHz and boasts 1800W RMS power.  Built in DSP means you can optimise your crossover as well as offering voicing options and expansion potential.  So whatever you need your monitors for, ADAM have got you covered, but at a price of course.