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Saturday 17th November 2012

Blast From The Past!! Intimidation Apex Gold, Intimidation Blue DJ Mixers In Stock!!

Yes, you heard right!...We have sourced a limited quantity of BRAND NEW Intimidation Blue DJ Mixers, Intimidation Apex Gold DJ mixers and Don DJ mixers all complete with a 1 year warranty and free delivery...Most of you will remember that these three mixers were the first UK contenders in the serious DJ mixers market untill around six years ago when the UK company owner retired and stopped making them..This means that these ones that we have in stock were the very last ones on the production line from their DJ Equipment factory in London!!! Intimidation invented the 'kill switches and incorporated them to their mixers in the form of switches and rotary. Beter still, these mixers were built in London and the quality is awesome in terms of sound and build quality. We are selling them at a massive discount from what they sold for originally so snap up a legendary mixer that will from an investment perspective, will no doubt go up in value in the years to come....So there it is...we actually have some BRAND NEW Intimidation Blue, Intimidation Apex Gold and Don DJ mixers in stock!