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Wednesday 03rd July 2013

Evolution Audio - Great value without compromise

Evolution Audio - Great value without compromiseThere are a number of speaker brands that would be immediately recognisable to anyone in the music industry. Big names such as Mackie, Peavey and RCF have been used by music professionals for years and offer quality, reliability and power. Now there's a new name on the block that's threatening these big boys...Evolution Audio.

Evolution Audio is possibly the fastest growning speaker brand in the UK right now and, upon closer inspection it's pretty easy to see why. Their speakers are bold, well built and use high-quality components such as large-magnet, high-power woofers and true compression HF drivers. This commitment to quality ensures in that, in sound tests, Evolution Audio speakers have the power to out-perform within their class.

Evolution Audio - Great value without compromiseEvolution EL-series speakers have rejected an ABS plastic cabinet in favour of a more traditional carpeted wooden finish. This gives these speakers a meaningful, professional finish with a superb air of quality. Evolution Audio speakers are concieved and designed in the UK by a team of audio enthusiasts who wanted to offer a genuinely high-quality speaker range but steer clear of premium pricing.

Evolution Audio - Great value without compromiseWith this in mind, Evolution Audio speakers are (despite their high-specification and quality finish) surprisingly affordable. Check out the Evolution range on their site or buy Evolution Audio at the lowest UK price at whybuynew.co.uk.

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