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Wednesday 18th January 2017

NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For

NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For

NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Tips

It's almost time folks!  Namm 2017 is less than 24 hours away as the show starts this Thursday, January 19th and runs until Sunday, January 22nd in Anaheim, LA.

So, to get you all in the mood and ready for what is always a great convention, we've picked our top 5 products, or product ranges to keep your eye out for over the next few days.

So, in no particular order:

NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For

Reloop RMX-90 DVS Mixer

As Namm approaches, many of the major manufacturers are announcing new products, or updates to their lines and Reloop are no different, releasing details of the RMX-90 DVS mixer.  The 4-Channel club mixer has everything you'd expect, as well us built-in effects, but unlike previous models, the RMX 90 also has a built-in soundcard that allows access to a full version of Serato.

CLICK HERE for more info on the RMX-90


NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For

Akai Professional MPC X and MPC Live

As ever, Akai Professional show they've been working hard behind the scenes to bring us a couple of new stand alone workstations in preparation for Namm 2017, the MPC Live and MPC X.  Both have the look and feel of the MPC Touch, so are a nice addition to the range and both can operate fully independently, or with your favourite DAW.

CLICK HERE for more info on the MPC X and MPC Live




NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For


Adam Audio S Series

Already one of leaders in professional studio monitoring, ADAM have just announced a new flagship range of studio reference monitors for the top-end of the market, the S Series.  Crafted to perfection, from years of experience but while still utilising modern day design techniques (and priced accordingly), the S Series introduces 5 new monitor models of increasing size:  S2V, S3H & S3V and the S5v & S5H (V = stands vertically and H = Horizontal).  They ain't cheap, but they're darn good!



NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For



Korg Arp Odyssey FS and MS 20 Mini in White

Korg have a whole section of new products coming out for Namm, so it's only fair we feature some of them on the list.  We've chosen the two that most people seem to be talking about; the MS20 Mini MW - a limited edition white version of the ever popular MS-20 Mini; and the Arp Odyssey FS, which is a full size version of the Arp Odyssey which also is limited edition.








NAMM 2017 - Top 5 Products To Look Out For

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Media Player

And finally, even though I'm sure I said no particular order, the one that everyone's been talking about, the Denon SC5000 Media Player from the new Prime Series range.  People have been talking about the whole series in fact, but the media player is probably getting most attention due to it being an obvious attempt to become a front runner either along side, or in front of Pioneer.  Very brave Denon!  Let's see how this works out for them and in particular, what people think about the range at Namm.

Click HERE for more information on the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime