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Monday 16th January 2017

NEW Denon 'Prime Series' Engine Prime Software

NEW Denon 'Prime Series' Engine Prime Software

Engine Prime Software

As previously mentioned, Denon are also launching their music management software, Engine Prime.  This will be the library that powers the new SC5000 media player and it's capable of importing tracks straight from iTunes (and also Serato, but Serato and Traktor maps will be available soon).

Engine Prime

Engine Prime has been written completely from scratch to optimize your music library.  This Music Management and Analysis software is designed to get the most out of the Denon SC5000 media player making navigation and playback a dream!  Engine Prime integrates seamlessly with your iTunes and Serato collection and you edit tracks and customise your entire performance.  Creating databases is a doddle and you can use any popular format you like, including FLAC, as Engine Prime supports them all.

Importing and Analysing

Engine Prime utilises extremely accurate 'Beat Grid' placement for perfect timing and it also analyses the track, and using harmonics, finds it's musical key, which can be displayed how you like (in traditional or Camelot style).  The software also loads other metadata that can be displayed on the SC5000s jog-wheel, such as tempo in BPM, artwork, logos etc.  There's full track overview, meaning adding perfectly timed hot cues and loop regions are a dream and waveforms are viewed in tri-colour HD.

Be Organised, But Creative

Organise your library how you want.  Even if your collection is huge, Engine Prime can organise your library by tempo, dates, styles, moods and much more, so you can gain easy access to what you want, when you want.  All of these also help to easily create custom Crates and Playlists, leaving you to be as creative as possible.

Synchronise iTunes and Serato Playlists

Word is, Serato and Tracktor support for the Prime Series SC5000 Media Player is planned in the near future, but Denon are confident you'll want to use Engine Prime as your new go-to software, so have included full Serato DJ and iTunes integration.  You can import, synchronise and forever more update your iTunes and Serato playlists, and when synching with Serato DJ, all Hot-Cues are imported too!

Offline Editing and Customisation

Engine Prime isn't used just for live performances, as while not performing, Engine Prime turns into an editor for your digital library.  You can edit or adjust beat-grids with ease, as well as being able to customise your loop regions and hot-cues by adding custom colours and names.  Once you're finished, you can export the collection to a USB thumb drive or SD card, or simply connect straight to the Denon DJ SC5000 and you're away!


  • Import and read existing Serato and iTunes databases with ease
  • Features advanced Beat-grid and Musical Key analysis
  • Create Playlists and Crates for the ultimate music library
  • Add custom names to Hot-Cues and loop regions for enhanced live workflow
  • Sync ongoing DJ performance data easily back to Engine Prime application
  • On-board Beat-grid and tempo editor are fast and effective.
  • Logical and easy to use GUI layout for optimized workflow
  • Manually create track ratings and edit track details
  • Supports Lossless music file formats such as FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV
  • Tri-coloured track waveform production for frequency based visual feedback


  • Power Lead
  • User Guide
  • USB Lead
  • Safety & Warranty Manual



  • WAV & AIFF 16 to 32 bit, 44.1k to 192k


  • MP3 32 kbit/s – 320 kbit/s + VBR/CBR
  • M4A/AAC MP4 OGG Vorbis