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Saturday 29th December 2012

New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1

New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 When we talk about new years resolutions, we often think about giving up smoking, joining the gym, drinking less or cutting back on the takeaways. Then, by January 2nd, we’ve quit the gym and are sitting at home with a Chinese takeaway and a glass of wine before nipping outside for a quick smoke. We all know nobody sticks to these resolutions so why bother? Here at WhyBuyNew.co.uk we have compiled a list of New Year Resolutions for mobile DJs that we can all keep:


New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 1. Get your speakers off the floor : It’s amazing how many DJ’s you see that simply plonk their speakers on the floor. Even if you’re setting up on a stage it is still beneficial to get those speakers onto stands. People soak up a lot of sound and if your speakers are just pumping the music into those guests at the front, the guys at the back will just hear a muffled thud. Besides, having your speakers on the floor looks quite unprofessional and you can get a decent set of speaker stands for very little money ;  for example, you can buy a pair of good-quality collapsible speaker stands with a smart carry bag for less than £30! Just check out the QTX speaker tripod stands with bag HERE.


New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 2.Get legal, get covered : If you have been in the mobile disco business a while you will have heard various people going about the importance of PLI. PLI stands for Public Liability Insurance and is essential for DJs who are out gigging. PLI basically covers you for any damage, injury or loss as a result of your services. Imagine a granny tripping over a speaker stand, a child getting injured playing with one of your moving heads (annoying isn’t it?) or someone trying to sue you after an adverse reaction to your lighting or atmospherics.

Regardless of how careful YOU are, other people can be careless (particularly after a few drinks) and accidents do happen. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a huge legal bill or having to pay damages to the venue or your clients. Public Liability Insurance will cover you for this SHOULD anything happen and, if it does, you’ll understand why some entertainers won’t leave home without it. PLI is so important that some venues won’t even let you perform without it (and it is embarassing and expensive to be turned away at the door).


New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 3. Say goodbye to the folding table. Let’s be honest, setting up your disco rig on a dodgy looking table you have borrowed from the venue looks rubbish. At best it looks a bit naff and at worst it makes you look unprepared and unprofessional. DJ Stands are very affordable nowadays and instantly transform the look of your rig. A 4-foot disco stand is the most popular size and will have plenty of room for you decks and mixer or a controller and laptop and most will also have a wide crossbar for loads of lighting effects. Asides from making you disco look more professional, a stand will reduce your setup time and may negate the need for any additional lighting stands. 4-Foot disco stands are available for less than 80 quid and the 6-foot type (which are great for larger venues) can be bought HERE for less than £100.


New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 4. Go LED. If you look through all the latest lighting effects coming onto the market these days they have one thing in common…LEDs. Quite simply, LEDs are the future of disco and effects lighting. LEDs are small light emitting diodes (LED...getit?) that light up when a current is passed through them. Unlike traditional lamps, LEDs have no filament that heats up which has several HUGE advantages to the mobile DJ. No filament means no heat which means no burnt fingers when packing up at the end of the night, it also means a low power draw which means dozens of LED effects can be safely plugged into a single mains outlet. These factors combined mean that LED lights can be safely run all night with no ‘duty cycle’. LEDs also have an average life-span of around 50,000 hours which eliminates pesky, mid-gig bulb changes.

New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 When LED effects first came to the market they were quite basic moonflower effects which created colourful ‘blobs’ of light (at this stage, nobody thought that they would ever replace traditional halogen lamps). Now LEDs are brighter than most of the older-style halogen lights and can be found in a huge array of effects from moonflowers to par cans, moving heads, elaborate centrepieces and even strobes. Check out our lighting section for more details or call our sales team on 01206 855010 for advice on the best lighting effects for you.


New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 5. Get on the mic. It’s amazing how many mobile DJs still seem petrified of the microphone and only using it when entirely necessary (first dance, buffet, telling everyone to go home...). You don’t have to go overboard (we’ve all seen the Peter Kay sketch) but don’t be frightened to engage with your audience. WhyBuyNew.co.uk has recently teamed up with DJ Tutor who, through his YouTube channel, provides some invaluable advice on microphone techniques (search for “WhyBuyNew” or “DJ Tutor” on YouTube).

New Years Resolutions (Ones you can keep!) - Part 1 There is no excuse for not using the microphone to interact with your crowd, after all you are being paid to be an entertainer. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a microphone either, a Numark WM200 is less than £20 and is both rugged and reliable, a Samson Q7 Dynamic Vocal Mic is less than £30 and wireless microphones start from less than £50. So…what are you waiting for, get on the mic and get interacting with your crowd (trust me, you'll get remembered and hopefully get more bookings).

So...there’s 5 easy-to-keep New Years resolutions right there and, don’t forget, for any product advice don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable WhyBuyNew sales team on 01206 855010

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