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Thursday 31st May 2018

Pioneer Announces The All-New PioneerDJ DDJ-SX3

Pioneer Announces The All-New PioneerDJ DDJ-SX3

The NEW Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 Serato Controller is aesthetically similar to its predecessor, the DDJ-SX2. The DDJ-SX2 was one of the most popular DJ controllers ever built, so Pioneer obviously didn't feel the need to change the unit much physically and have simply added to it. The main additions that stand out are that the SX3 adds more inputs and outputs, has improved jog wheel latency and now houses two USB soundcards for dual DJ use and handoffs.


With recent releases being designed for their own Rekordbox software, users could be forgiven for thinking that Pioneer had turned to making hardware that's only compatible with said App, so Serato fans everywhere are sighing with relief since news of the DDJ-SX3 broke. To be fair, it would be utter craziness and possibly professional suicide for them not to continue the SX range as it's been on top of industry sales for some 6+ years!

As mentioned, the DDJ-SX2 and SX3 look very similar when side-by-side:

Pioneer Announces The All-New PioneerDJ DDJ-SX3

It's actually hard to tell which one is which at first glance, but there are some subtle visual differences upon closer inspection, especially on the mixer section.


Latest Serato Updates
With the introduction of the latest Serato DJ Pro, the new DDJSX3 has updated performance pads that change RGB colour to reflect the 11 pad modes (inc. Samples, Pitch Play and Hot Cues), which change instantly when each mode is selected.

Colour FX Added
Pioneer has added colour FX to the standalone mixer that regular Pioneer DJ users will be very familiar with: Echo, Jet, Noise and Filter, that can also be used on the main microphone channels.

Two USB Ports
To deal with transitions between DJs, Pioneer has equipped the DDJ-SX3 with Dual soundcards for seamless changeovers, or simply to have the peace of mind that you have a 'back-up' system all ready to go! Also, should you have two laptops attached, you can use the library scroller on either so scroll easily through your library.

Three Mic Inputs
There are now THREE microphone inputs on the DDJ-SX3, where there is only 2 on the SX2. The standard dual jack/XLR input still appears on channel 3, but what once was a jack input on channel 4 is not a 3-pin XLR. Not only that, but an extra balanced jack input has been added to the front of this unit with its own dedicated volume and on/off switch.

Low Latency Jog-Wheel
The spec for the DDJ-SX3 boasts “Jog wheels with reduced latency: Scratching feels natural on the jog wheels, which feature reduced latency compared to those on the DDJ-SX2.” While we're yet to confirm this, it will be a great addition if there's a noticeable difference!