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Monday 15th January 2018

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller
Pioneer DDJ-1000:  A Top End Rekordbox DJ Controller

The NAMM show in Anaheim, California is just a week away, so Pioneer users have been awaiting keenly any news on a new release.  Finally we need wait no more!

With the Pioneer DDJ-R series getting evermore popular in 2017, mainly due to the fact Rekordbox has improve greatly with its latest updates, the folks at Pioneer DJ have revealed the new DDJ-1000, billed as the ULTIMATE Rekordbox controller.

CDJ fans/users will be happy too, as the unit itself is design to be as 'club-sized' as possible meaning that the jog-wheel are the same size and feel as that on a CDJ.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller

Updated Design

The DDJ-1000 is a step in a new direction design-wise too.  Most of the previous Rekordbox controller had the look and lay-out of the Pioneer Serato controllers, whereas this new model is moving away for that design.  As mentioned, this is more of a club-size, club style controller that has a lay out more familiar to those with CDJs and a mixer, rather than a controller.  There's also some new technical features, some of which we'll talk about now. #


Proper Jog-Wheels

Controllers are becoming more and more popular, as not only are the easier to transport, they are becoming more and more like CD and Media players with every new release.  The DDJ-1000 is no different, in fact, this controller steps closer to Pioneers CDJs than any controller before with the latest technology in controller jog-wheel design.  On the DDJ-1000, they are modelled directly from the classic CDJ design and feel.  All this without adding any extra weight to the unit.  There's a 'feel adjust' knob that is also taken directly from CDJs, so you can adjust the resistance and feel!


Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller


There's also a few other features that are more CDJ than controller, so that anyone used to CDJs can get straight on and mix.  For example, the browse knob is above the platters to the right, like on CDJs, not on the mixer section like other controllers.


Jog On!

Like the Denon SC5000 media player and Numark & Traktor DJ controllers, the DDJ-1000 has screens built in to the jog-wheels.  These screens are fully customisable, so you can see whatever features you want to save keep looking at your laptop.


Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller


New Beat FX

The unit features beat FX as you'd expect.  Ten of these have been 'borrowed' directly from the DJM mixers, but there's also four new FX that can be accessed via your laptop/PC.

These effects are:

     •             Low Cut Echo – Does what you'd expect.  An echo with low frequencies cut
     •             Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle – 'FX that add sound with a feeling of infinite rising or descending'


Double USB

Successfully showcased in the SZ, dual USB ports are also included in the DDJ-1000.  This is needed for any B2B situation, especially in clubs and it's easily switchable from USB A, USB 2 and Line/Phono.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller


Notable Features:

Having read through the official literature from Pioneer, there are a few other features that are worth pointing out:


     •             4 Deck Control – We've seen it before with the DDJ-RX and the DDJ-SX2 and it's no different with the DDJ-1000.  Dual layers allow you to
                    toggle each deck to a second layer, so you can control 4 decks.  New for the DDJ-1000 is the ability to see which deck you're on via the
                    new jog-wheel displays.
     •             Magvel Fader - Rated for a million movements, the cross-fader on the DDJ-1000 is based on the Magvel Fader Pro currently featured on the
                    battle-mixer that is the DJM-S9.  In fact, Pioneer DJ are calling it a 'light' version.
     •             Slip Reverse - Those with NXS2 CDJs will be familiar with the 'Slip Reverse', which is also the default reverse setting on the DDJ-1000 for the
                    reverse button.  Press the button and Slip Mode is activated, let go and the track will pick up from exactly where it would have been.
     •             Reduced Latency - Pioneer have really thought about scratching and latency with the DDJ-1000, claiming it's their lowest latency controller
                    to date
     •             Rekordbox DVS ready - If you have the Rekordbox DJ DVS pack and some control vinyl, then you can use DVS via the phono inputs.



Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 - The Ultimate Rekordbox Controller