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Monday 01st July 2013

LIVE Worldwide order map!

Gimmick, insightful or boarderline hypnotic, there is no denying that our live, worldwide order map is pretty cool.

Located at the top of our homepage, simply click the world map to expand into a worldwide order map. This map runs 24 hours a day 365 days a year and show the orders we receive as-they-happen.

It certainly appeals to the geeky side of us all but it also showcases new and older products that you may have never heard of before but suddenly become must-have purchases. 

So...check it out now and become hypnotised by the sales of bass bins in Bulgaria, speakers in Spain, amplifiers to Algeria and mixers to Malta. Located directly below the top search-bar on the whybuynew.co.uk homepage.

Whybuynew.co.uk now ship DJ equipment, studio gear and PA systems worldwide and at the lowest UK prices in brand new and B-stock. Call our friendly sales team today on (+44) 1206 855010 or order online 24 hours a day at whybuynew.co.uk