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Tuesday 18th December 2012

Annoying buzz from your PA system?

Annoying buzz from your PA system?

Annoying buzz from your PA system?

So, you’ve invested your life savings in a sound system which can be heard from space and is guaranteed to get the party rocking if only you could get rid of that buzzing noise!

You test all your leads and keep swapping cables about, playing with knobs and dials like your life depends on it and yet the buzzing continues. You start to curse your speakers, your amp and your luck but the chances are that this annoying buzzing isn’t down to your gear but is being caused by irritating electrical interference.

The most common cause of this audio interference is poorly earthed power supplies. The first thing to try is unplugging your laptop from the mains, does the buzz go away?…I thought so. But now you’ve got a dilemma, your laptop can’t run all night on a single charge and short of carrying around a bag full of ready-charged batteries you can’t see a solution. Don’t worry, read on because help is at hand.

A ground-loop isolator is a small interface which fits in line between your audio source (cd players, mixer, DJ controller etc) and your amplifier and helps to eradicate that annoying electrical hum.

Very inexpensive and incredibly effective, ground loop fit quickly and simply into your sound system. Simply connect the phono output into one the isolators input and then run another cable from the output into your power amp. You can buy a good quality ground-loop isolator from WhyBuyNew just by clicking HERE.

Don’t have phono connections? Want to use your own top quality audio cables? We also stock a version with bare-wire terminals. 
Now you can finally get rid of that irritating hum or buzz from your portable PA system and get back to the important business of keeping the dancefloor full.