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Tuesday 01st January 2013

Portable PA for the masses

Portable PA for the masses

Portable PA for the masses Say the words “PA system” to someone and they picture expensive amplifiers with complex speaker arrangements and loads of messy cables. With this in mind it’s no wonder that many people who would really benefit from a bit of sound reinforcement would just prefer to shout!

Portable PA for the masses Dance classes, schools, public speakers etc. could all use a little ‘audio assistance’ when trying to address their respective audiences. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a PA system with no wires, no complex setup procedure and the flexibility to amplify yourself, play music and even record. Well now you can…

Portable PA for the masses QTX sound are highly regarded for building good quality audio equipment at an affordable price and they have come up with a clever all-in-one and truly portable PA system for the masses.

Portable PA for the masses QTX Sound QR10PA is a 10” powered speaker, wireless microphone system, media player and recorder in one compact unit. It has it’s own built-in rechargeable battery so it can ‘go anywhere’ or can be plugged into the mains for extended use. It even has wheels and a suitcase-style retractable handle making it a doddle to transport and at a touch over 10kg you don’t need to be Chuck Norris to carry it.

Portable PA for the masses Big enough to project yourself effectively yet compact enough to fit in even the smallest car-boot, QR10PA isn’t all about meetings, school assembly’s and keeping fit, it is equally at home playing tunes at your next garden party, on the beach or (if you’re really posh) while you’re chilling by the pool.

Portable PA for the masses Need something bigger? (we all do sometimes). QTX also offer similar complete systems in both 12” and 15” versions (QR12PA and QR15PA). These larger, more powerful versions are great for live sound reinforcement, mobile discos or your next epic house party.

With the QTX QR-PA range, portable PA needn’t be expensive and complicated and, as always, you know you will get the best possible price on all your PA equipment at WhyBuyNew.co.uk