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Wednesday 19th December 2012

Sennheiser for a score?...

Sennheiser for a score?...

When it comes to professional headphones, there is one name that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest and that name is Sennheiser. Sennheiser headphones are legendary across the music industry. Music producers, superstar DJ’s, TV and film directors will all have used Sennheiser in their careers  and the brand is going from strength-to-strength.

Sennheiser for a score?... Sennheiser HD25-II have been the first choice for many of the worlds’ top DJs for over a decade offering superb sound isolation, magnificent bass response and a superb frequency range. Comfort is a main concern for DJs who may be wearing their headphones for many hours at a time and HD25s cater for this need with soft leatherette earpads and weighing less than 150g

Studio-dwellers will also love Sennheiser professional headphones which offer perfect audio quality and levels for music production. 
But what if you don’t make music and would rather just listen to your favourite tunes at home or out and about. Sennheiser quality is now available to all thanks to the fantastic new HD201 headphones which you can buy at WhyBuyNew for LESS than £20.

Sennheiser for a score?... That’s right…for less than a score (20-quid to you and me) you too can be listening to all your music through a pair of genuine Sennheiser HD-201 headphones. Enjoy sublime sound quality, superb reliability and exceptional comfort with a pair of Sennheiser headphones that won’t break the bank.


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