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Monday 04th February 2013

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC Ladies and gentlemen, cast your mind back to 1988, the era of the yuppie, shoulder-pads, the prawn cocktail and of course the Akai MPC music production centre. Back then Thatcher ruled the country, Stock Aitken and Waterman ruled the charts but the Akai MPC60 ruled the studio. AKAI’s Music Production Centres (MPCs) set a new benchmark in compact and affordable studio equipment and began a legacy that is soon to celebrate its’ 25th year.

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC AKAI MPC60 became as iconic in music production as the Korg Triton or Roland SP808 and its’ distinctive design is still very much in evidence today with the release of AKAI’s latest MPC models, the MPC Studio, MPC Renaissance and MPC Fly. Akai know that the MPC has a lot of fans worldwide so have ensured that these ‘new’ MPCs retain the intuitive layout and familiar interface of the classic models.

Since ’88 AKAI MPC has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in many home and professional studios. AKAI have bought this studio mainstay bang upto with a series of controllers that harness the power of modern laptops and tablets while remaining sympathetic to their analogue hardware roots.

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC AKAI MPC Renaissance bears more than a passing resemblance to the flagship MPC5000 but, thanks to seamless software integration, is more powerful, versatile and nearly half the price! Many smaller or home studios now use a Mac or PC at the centre of their setup and AKAI MPC Renaissance brings intuitive, ergonomic control while retaining the practicality and flexibility of computer-based music production.

Today, more and more music professionals are moving away from the traditional studio setup and embracing a life ‘on-the-road’. Being mobile you can lay-down your ideas whenever or wherever inspiration strikes. Increasingly, a sampler, keyboard and sequencer are being replaced by a MacBook Pro or iPad as the production tool of choice. AKAI’s new MPC range are designed to meet the exacting demands of this new breed of nomadic music-maker.

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC AKAI MPC Studio is a lightweight and portable MPC controller, the design of which hints heavily toward the classic MPC production centres. This classic design has been bought totally upto date with a new lightweight aluminium body meaning it will look right at home next your Macbook Pro. Incredibly streamline, the MPC-Studio fits easily into a courierbag, laptop bag etc. so can be taken anywhere.

Back in ’88 when the Akai MPC was born, no self-respecting professional would be seen without their trusty Filofax. Fast forward 25 years and the Filofax is a distant memory, Apple iPad is now the executive gadget of choice and Akai have catered for the 21st century yuppie with the MPC Fly.

Akai - Celebrating 25 years of MPC AKAI MPC Fly is a compact, slimline MPC production centre with plug-and-play integration for Apple iPad2. MPC Fly takes portability to the next level while, once again, retaining the intuitive layout and genuine MPC pads that have become a trademark.

Back in 1988 you would lay down a track sat at your desk surrounded by bulky, heavyweight gear, in 2013 you can produce your track anywhere and anytime thanks to AKAI and the MPC series. We’ve come a long way…