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Friday 25th January 2013

Akai MPC headphones - Music to your ears

Akai MPC headphones - Music to your ears

Akai MPC headphones - Music to your ears Akai MPC headphones are the latest addition to the legendary MPC studio series from Akai Professional. “MPC” is a name highly regarded amongst producers and musicians alike thanks for 25 years of highly acclaimed music production centres, Now, for the first time, Akai have used their vast expertise in music production to design and build headphones that meet the exacting needs of todays’ music professional.

Akai MPC headphones - Music to your ears Akai Professional's new MPC headphones are designed to match each new MPC in design, quality, and purpose. Each is designed to empower producers with the ability to hear their tracks and hone their craft with unmatched clarity and precision. In addition, MPC headphones and earbuds provide an exceptional experience for simply listening on the go to a personal music library.

The studio headphone range features 2 models, the MPC model with 40mm driver and MPC PRO model with 50mm driver and an over-the-ear earcup (rather than on-the-ear with the MPC).

Akai MPC headphones - Music to your ears Both of these new models feature Akai Professional's unmatched expertise in tuning and frequency response, as well as fully adjustable headbands, pivoting ear cups, and gunmetal aluminum and steel construction for a solid, comfortable fit. Overstuffed leather cushioning on the headbands and ear cups provides a luxurious listening experience for even the most demanding studio sessions. An audio cable with 1/8-inch connector and 1/4-inch adapter is included for music production, and a communication cable with a built-in microphone is also included for use with mobile phones.

Akai MPC headphones - Music to your ears "Headphones are a huge part of the production process," said Dan Gill, Akai Professional Product Manager. "With the MPC headphones and earbuds, we're simply doing what we've always done-delivering the tools musicians need to get fully immersed in their craft."