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Thursday 10th January 2013

Mix Tracks like a Pro...

Mix Tracks like a Pro...

Mix Tracks like a Pro... Looking to make the leap from vinyl or CDs to digital DJ’ing?...you’re not alone. Hundreds of DJ’s are making the change every week and, when it comes to choosing a DJ controller they are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of DJ controllers on the market today with offerings from Hercules, Reloop, American Audio, Denon, Pioneer and many more. However, when it comes to popularity, there is one controller that stands head and shoulders above the rest…

Mix Tracks like a Pro... Numark Mixtrack Pro has been with us for a couple of years now but its’ popularity shows no signs of slowing down. The beauty of this controller is that it is simple enough for the novice but, has all the features and capabilities demanded by the professional DJ. This means that, as you grow as a DJ, the Mixtrack Pro will grow with you. Mixtrack Pro also has high-quality built-in sound hardware (unlike many controllers in this price range) meaning setup is incredibly simple and there is no need to invest in expensive external soundcards.

Mix Tracks like a Pro... The Mixtrack Pro DJ Controller is packed with features and is compatible with Mac or PC, it connects straight to your computer and then enables you to scratch, loop and mix like a pro within minutes. The built-in soundcard on the mixtrack Pro allows you to cue up the next track in the headphones before dropping it in and also has the classic RCA outputs on the back to connect straight to powered speakers or even a home hi-fi, it couldn't be easier.

Mix Tracks like a Pro... Mixtrack pro incorporates a complete mixer section with two channel sliders, bass/mid/treble on each channel, crossfader for mixing/scratching and a master output slider to control volume to your speakers as well as a mic input with volume control. In addition to rotary EQ controls, Mixtrack-Pro  has handy 'kill' buttons for bass, mid and treble.

So, if you’re looking for a professional quality yet simple to use and affordable DJ controller then Mixtrack Pro may well be right up your street and, as always, you will get the lowest possible price at www.WhyBuyNew.co.uk