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Monday 07th January 2013

Pioneer : Continuing the Legacy...

Pioneer : Continuing the Legacy...

Pioneer : Continuing the Legacy... Pioneer DJ have long since been regarded as the industry-standard name in DJ equipment thanks to their presence in the most famous nightclubs across the world.  The Pioneer CDJ1000 was top dog amongst DJ CD players for nearly a decade and became the tool of choice for world famous DJ’s including the likes of Pete Tong, Tiesto, David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren. Recently replaced with the sensational DJM2000 & CDJ2000 Nexus it looks like Pioneer are going to continue to dominate the nightclub market for years to come.

Pioneer : Continuing the Legacy... With traditional formats now making way for the ever-growing army of digital DJ’s Pioneer have, again, been at the forefront of this revolution with an impressive range of DJ controllers. 2011 saw the launch of the flagship DDJ-T1 and  DDJ-S1 Traktor and Serato controllers along with the stylish 2-channel DJ-Ergo controller. These Pioneer digital DJ controllers were well received by both new and veteran DJ’s alike as they recreated the feel and ‘usability’ of their famous CDJs but also embraced this rapidly changing industry.

2012 has seen the release of Pioneers 2nd generation of controllers. DDJ-SX is the first controller to be developed with RANE to ensure intuitive and natural control of industry-standard Serato DJ software and is destined to be THE must-have controller as we go into 2013.

Pioneer : Continuing the Legacy... For the first time Pioneer have developed a controller aimed specifically at the beginner DJ. Pioneer DDJ-WeGo is a compact and affordable digital DJ controller that doesn’t look or feel like an entry-level model and clearly demonstrates Pioneer pedigree. In addition to all the standard features demanded by modern DJs WeGo also features a few handy features which help novice DJ’s to develop their skills. ‘Pulse control’ lights give a clear indication when beats are matched and a beat-sync feature means that DJ’s can learn to be creative without having to worry about getting the perfect beatmatch.

Pioneer : Continuing the Legacy... Say “Pioneer” to any DJ and they will often think of CD decks and traditional analogue mixers. Pioneer are proud of their pedigree and many design features can be seen in their modern digital products. Pioneer are, however, also at the forefront when it comes to bringing the latest technology to the moden DJ. There is no better example of this forward-thinking than the Pioneer XDJ-Aero, a fully wireless DJ controller that also integrates with your smartphone. Music can be played and controlled from any wireless device with no latency, imagine being able to play someones requested track straight from their smartphone.

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